February 28, 2009

$1,000 Milestone!!

Hello everyone! This past week has been pretty amazing and I wanted to update you all on my progress. Last weekend I went home to Sacramento to visit my family so I got to do a great 5 mile run along the American River with my puppy. It was great being home and the route was a great change of scenery! While at home I also stocked up on non-cotton running clothes (because cotton is rotten!) and some other cool gear.

In more exciting news, I reached my first milestone of $1,000 and then surpassed it! Everyone has been extremely generous and supportive, and I can't thank you all enough. I just want you all to know what an incredible, life-saving cause you are supporting. We're changing lives one dollar at a time! Special thanks go to the following amazing donors:

Vic & Adele Stefani
Mavis Sjogren
Rick & Terri Brunson
The Sprinkle Family
Jimmy & Kathy Halstead
Lena DaVia
Grandma & Grandpa Jornlin
Doug Jornlin
Andrea Holland
Michelle Khayat

This morning at training we reached another milestone: our first hour-long team run! We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful morning to be running either. The route was a lot better than I expected, starting along the ocean at East Beach, rounding a lagoon, then heading into the Montecito area, so the scenery was constantly changing! It was a bit hillier than I'm used too, but other than that it wasn't too bad since I've been doing hour runs on my own for a while. The run today reminded me how great the team aspect of training is for longer runs! Afterward our head coach Dr. Neal held an awesome injury prevention clinic and gave us some great tips to make sure we make it to race day in one piece : )

Waiting in the cold to start our run!

I was moving right along!

Such a great route!

In other news, the official website for the Seattle Rock 'N' Roll Marathon recently posted the course route, elevation, and other info, so feel free to check that out here and see where I'll be running come June 27th! It looks like it'll be a great course, I can't wait!!

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