March 14, 2009

Go Team!

Hello friends and family! It's been a while since my last post, so I have a few updates. Fundraising is still coming along, and I am overwhelmed with gratitude to all the wonderfully generous people who have made donations thus far! I just want you to know what an incredible cause you are supporting and that you really are making a difference : ) As of today I've raised $1,325!! This means I am more than a third of the way to reaching my goal of $3,900! Special thank-yous for this past week go to:

Mike Pipe
Linda & Gary Wong
Danielle Stead
Bonnie Dier

I also wanted to mention that donations made via check take a bit of time to be posted to my fundraising website because I have to send them in and they have to be processed. So please check back often to see the number keep growing!

Last Saturday we ran for 1 hour and 15 minutes starting at Goleta Beach. It was weird starting a run from a place where I usually turn around and go back (when I run to the pier), but thanks to the run I discovered a nice little route behind the beach that runs between the ocean and the highway.
Our Team Captain Erin and Coach Tek giving us a pep talk pre-run. The team running in the distance.
Sarah and I stretching out post-run!

This morning we had our longest run thus far (and the most I've ever done straight by myself!) - 90 minutes!! The run was gorgeous, starting out at Crane School in Montecito, winding through a lovely neighborhood to the coast, and eventually taking us to East Beach in Santa Barbara before heading back. As far as distance, I ended up doing about 8 miles!! Afterward I felt so accomplished and pumped. I'm also slowly meeting other members of the team during the runs, and just having a bunch of supportive people behind you and in front of you makes all the difference when you get a little tired : ) GO TEAM!!!
Head Coach Dr. Neal trying to explain the route to us (although I still got lost at one point!). Looking amazing post-run, haha.

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