February 7, 2009

First Training

Hello! So this morning Sarah and I headed downtown to East Beach bright and early for our first official TNT run! Unfortunately the rainy weather we've had the past few days didn't clear up, so we ended up running in the pouring rain...but maybe it will make good practice for Seattle? : ) The run itself was pretty easy, just 30 minutes along the beach. Although distance wasn't measured, judging by my pace I think it was probably about 3 miles for me. The team aspect of the training is pretty fun. There's just a huge group of us running at all different paces, chatting and getting to know each other. And everyone is so supportive and encouraging! My only worry is that my competitive streak will make me run faster than I should and mess up my pacing on the longer runs in the future...but we'll see! By the end of the training we were absolutely soaked and a little miserable so we quickly changed into the dry clothes we brought with. By 8am we were ready to leave, so we headed home and I went right back to bed!!

Sad because we're so wet...

But happy that we finished our first training!!

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