May 1, 2009

Spaghetti Feed

Hey everyone! Sorry I'm posting this a little late, I've been super busy! Our Spaghetti Feed Fundraiser was a huge success - we ended up raising $422!! It wouldn't have been possible without a ton of help from some amazing people:

Deb Watkins
Karen Kious
Ken Kious & Barbara
Marissa Floro
Meredith Meaux
Jackie Li
Alyssa Skipper
Alex Blacker
TNT (especially Erin for the team supplies and those who came to carb up for the run Satruday!)
Gamma Phi (for letting us use the house!)

I also wanted to extend a big thank-you to some of the local grocery stores - we got nearly everything donated! We visited 8 different stores and 4 gave us donations, so big thanks to Von's and Albertson's!

I think the hardest part was trying to determine how much of everything we'd need. Halfway through we got a rush of people and freaked out so we went out to get more, only to have things slow down as soon as we got back, leaving us with a TON of leftovers! We tried to sell takeout boxes at midnight to all the drunk revelers of IV, but with little success. Then we tried to deliver them to the homeless but we couldn't find them, then we tried the IV Foot Patrol only to discover they weren't at the police station. So we finally dumped most of them off at frats, much to their delight : )
We had enough meatballs to feed an army!
Don't you just want to squish the noodles with your fingers?!

Thank you to everyone who came to support us, we really appreciate it!!

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