May 20, 2009

Fires and Miles, Oh My!

So I've seriously been slacking on updating this thing, but things have finally slowed down a bit for me and I can update you all on my progress these past couple weeks! Saturday May 2nd we had training at Goleta Beach - and let me just start by saying this one killed me! I hadn't gotten much sleep the night before on account of our spaghetti feed and I had given blood the day before to get community service - I know, not very smart in hindsight, and I definitely regretted both of those decisions during my 2 hour 30 minute run that morning. I probably started out too fast also and by halfway I had to switch to an 8-2 strategy, running for 8 minutes then walking for 2. One of the team members, Tom, really helped me get through a couple legs of the run and showed me just how helpful and motivating it is to train as a team.

Pushing it up those stairs!

Thank God for SAG stops!!

On Tuesday, as many of you probably saw on the news, the Jesusita Fire started in the hills above downtown Santa Barbara. The air quality was terrible due to the smoke so track was cancelled and we were told to be careful running on our own that week. Even though the fire was far enough from us in Isla Vista, it was still pretty scary - we could actually see the flames in the hills and the smoke was everywhere, covering everything in a layer of ash. The coaches decided to cut down the run for that Saturday from the 3 hour Seattle/20 miler San Diego to an hour and a half for everyone due to the increasingly bad air quality. Unfortunately the wind picked up and spread the smoke into Goleta, where we were supposed to be running, so that training got cancelled, too! Instead I spent my Saturday on another good cause - going through disaster & shelter training with the Red Cross. On Sunday I made up the run on my own and felt so great afterward! I think I'd been in a running rut : /

The smoke as seen from Isla Vista.

The view of the smoke from my house.

On Monday at my sorority meeting we had a kickboxing instructor come teach a class for us, and man did she kick our asses! Based on how sore I was the next couple days, running clearly only works on a few muscle groups. On Tuesday I woke up sick with a cold so I skipped track to rest. Wednesday was my first night volunteering at Nite Moves, a weekly race series in downtown SB. Every time I volunteer I get $25 donated to my fundraising - not bad for 2 hours of standing around watching runners and directing cars! On top of being sick and everything else, this week also happened to be Big/Little Week for my sorority which took up so much time and energy I decided it was better to take a break from running so I'd be freshly rested and (hopefully) feeling better for our long training that Saturday!

So my most exciting news for this post is the May 16th training. Seattle was supposed to run 3 hours (about 15 miles at my pace) and San Diego runners had their big 20 miler! I ended up doing a little more, however, and finished a total of 17 miles! During the run I lost track of time and instead decided to push myself a little more and just run to the last SAG stop at the Biltmore. The route incorporated many of the same runs we'd done previously, starting at Hendry's Beach, running up THAT 1/2 mile never-ending hill to the Mesa and looping through the preserve, then on to Shoreline Park, down to Leadbetter and East Beach, then to the Biltmore for me and back, minus the preserve loop. I figured it would be an easier jump from 17 miles to our 20 miler in a couple weeks and I felt ok so I just kept going! About 2 hours into it, however, my joints got pretty unhappy with me. They just ached constantly, which probably means it's time for new shoes! The last few miles were a little tough, mainly due to my knees and hips being so sore, but I made it! Thank god that last half mile was downhill though! Afterward I hurt so much I had to hobble - my legs throbbed and ached so Erin helped me roll them out, and when I got home I massaged them and iced my knees which seemed to help a lot. But wow, 17 miles!! That's 5 more miles than my longest run up to that point, so I'm pretty proud of myself and not nearly as intimidated by the 20 miler coming up!!


Last night was one of the last track practices for San Diego runners whose race is fast-approaching on May 31st. Coach Neal decided to give us an "easy" workout after our tough Saturday runs - mile warm-up then 3x800m (2 laps each, aka 1/2 mile) pushing as hard as you could! Hmmm I don't know about easy but it was definitely a quick workout! This Friday is the send-off party for San Diego and this Saturday we will be joined by the newest TNT runners who are just starting their season! I can't believe ours is almost over, man does time fly!

In fundraising news, I'd like to thank the Polygoats Offroading Club at Cal Poly SLO (of which my brother is a member) for their donation as well as Yolanda Sandoval. I still have several checks that I haven't sent in yet which should bring me to just under $3,000!! Also, my final funds deadline is fast approaching in early June so if any of you would like to still donate please do so asap! You can visit my fundraising webpage (see the link to the right) and donate via credit card or send a check payable to "LLS" to me at 890 Camino Pescadero, Goleta, CA 93117. Remember it's also tax-deductible! Every little bit helps and goes toward an amazing cause - thank you for your support!!

p.s. The countdown has begun: 5 1/2 weeks til my race!!!!!!!!!

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