April 3, 2009

Pizza Fundraiser & Track!

Another eventful week! On Wednesday Sarah and I held our "Take a Slice Out of Cancer" fundraiser at Gio's Pizza in Isla Vista. We ended up having a great turnout and we'll be getting 10% of our sales. They may not be huge checks, but every bit helps and it was a lot of fun to hang out, eat pizza, and play games! Thank you to everyone who came, we appreciate your support!!

All of our wonderful supporters enjoying their yummy pizza!

Wednesday night Sarah and I went to our first track practice of the season (we couldn't make them last quarter because of class). I think we both had mixed feelings about it; part of us was excited to work on our running technique and turnover time, but the other part was scared that it would be super intense and we'd be behind. Anyway, we headed to SBCC Wednesday night and started off with an easy 1 mile warm-up around the track. Then Coach Neal surprised us with the workout for the evening - a timed 5k!! So instead of a track workout we crossed the street and ran our 3.2 miles along the beach. The coaches wanted us to push ourselves and run faster than our race pace so it was more challenging than usual, but I ended up finishing in 27:30!! That's my fastest time yet for a 5k, running just under 9 minutes per mile.

Some BIG fundraising news... This past week I met and surpassed my $2,000 mark!! This jump was mainly due to a mysterious online donation of $500 from an anonymous donor... So although I don't know the identification of the donor (I have a guess though ; ) I want to send them a HUGE thank you!! I also wanted to give special thanks to my dad for making a donation this week and to my mom who has helped me raise over $200 by holding Tupperware and Candlelight fundraising parties with her friends. So with two months left I'm more than halfway to my goal!

Saturday morning was training of course. Since we did 2 hours last weekend, we tapered down to an hour and a half this week, and I think we were all grateful. We started at Hendry's Beach and ran along the coast toward Leadbetter and the harbor. It was a pretty easy run except that it started out with a never-ending hill that literally lasted for the first 5 minutes! But the upside of that, of course, was going down on the way back : )

It's always so cold at the starting point!Stretching out after a great run.

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