January 30, 2009

Training On My Own

Some quick updates!

Since I signed up, I've been running on my own to prepare myself for our first official training (Feb. 7th!!). I discovered this fantastic website called MapMyRun.com which allows users to map out various running (or walking, hiking, etc.) routes all over the world and then shows you how far you're going! They even have calculators that allow you to determine how many calories you're burning, fitness levels, etc. and you can also search for routes in your area that other users have done. I started out doing about 2 miles until that was comfortable, then pushed it to 2.5 at the end of last week. Then I mapped out a new route in Goleta that takes me past a lagoon and then along the ocean, before finishing through the streets of Isla Vista - and it's 3.2 miles!! That's just over 5k, and the longest distance I've done in a while...probably longer than I'd like to admit : / I took the plunge yesterday and attempted it, and while I had to go a little slower than usual, I did it!! I did it again today, so I think that this is the route I'm gonna be sticking to until actual training starts.

Also, I finally got my fundraising letter done so I spent this past Saturday hand-labeling and stuffing lots and lots of envelopes. I ended up sending out 60 so hopefully I'll get a good response! Friends and family, keep an eye out!

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